Business leader, inventor, and entrepreneur Michael Sherfick has experienced many successes in his professional career. From his service to our country in the United States Army to a lengthy law enforcement career before transitioning to the business world, Michael’s well-rounded approach and broad reach of life experiences has helped him to be successful in anything he undertakes. Michael makes his home in the Carmel, Indiana area, where he currently serves as the President and CEO of Duratech, a prominent laboratory testing equipment manufacturer.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Mr. Sherfick entered the United States Army in 1988. In his time as a medic, he became known for his work ethic and natural leadership abilities, traits that would assist him later on in his business ventures. After separating from the Army, Michael entered law enforcement. His first job was as Deputy Town Marshal for the Rocky Ripple Police Department. In 1996, he was sworn in as a Deputy Constable for Lawrence Township. Two years later, he joined the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, rising to the rank of Captain by 2005. During this period, he also co-served as the assistant chief of police with the Brookly, Indiana police department. Finally, he was sworn in as a Constable with the Perry Township Constables Office, from which he retired from law enforcement with the rank of Major. During his extensive career, Michael became proficient in a wide range of specialized police tactics and also served as a Field Training Officer for young deputies. His leadership skills developed during his service in the Army and his ability to connect with the people of the towns where he worked were instrumental in creating a community-minded atmosphere, ensuring that the residents of Perry and Lawrence Townships could rely on law enforcement professionals whenever they were needed.

Michael’s first brush with the business world was when he co-invented a product called the Easy Strap with his uncle Doug Doty. He and the company he eventually established, Fast Track Technologies, hold several patents, including the soft loop technology that helps the company’s products stand out against competitors. The company continues to manufacture ratchet tiedown straps, and other companies license its patented securing system for their own products. Sales of the company’s products have increased exponentially since its founding, and Fast Track Technologies is widely considered one of the tiedown industry’s leading manufacturers.

Even though his police career was busy, Michael found the time to hone his skills in entrepreneurship, launching several successful companies in the process. Among them was Securifind Mortgages and Investments, Inc., which specialized in business and personal loans as well as home mortgages. He also founded CCMT Financial, a real estate investment and development firm, in the greater Indianapolis area. In 2006, he entered a partnership with former Indianapolis Colts player Ken Dilger and investment specialist Rob McGraw, forming a company called KMR Real Estate. The firm developed and built a condominium called City View, located on Herman Street in Indianapolis’ bustling downtown center. Another company, Indiana Residential Renovation, Inc., took shape, working with real estate development companies and managers with general contracting projects throughout the region.

His experience in starting and incubating business ventures was an asset to Indiana Life Sciences, Inc. In 2007, Mr. Sherfick was hired as a sales manager for the company. Within a year he had been promoted to Executive Vice President of Operations and oversaw four divisions of the company’s national operations. Choosing to focus on his own business opportunities, Michael left the company and founded Fast Track Technologies, the manufacturer behind The Easy Strap tiedown system. He was able to purchase Duratech Industrial Controls and roll it into the Fast Track Technologies operation. Duratech is a leading manufacturer of laboratory testing equipment that can be found in use in a variety of industrial and scientific applications. Among the firm’s clients are Oxford Instruments, Cargill International, Kraft, Procter and Gamble, and the U.S. Department of Defense. Much of the company’s testing equipment is centered on nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), and is used to monitor and optimize production plant processes. As the President and CEO of Duratech, Michael’s leadership of the company has positioned it as a leader in the NMR field, and it continues to develop innovative analytical equipment for the petroleum, pharmaceutical, and food service industries.

Mr. Sherfick’s command of business practices, his skill in sales and marketing, and his commitment to excellence have all worked together to give his business ventures a tremendous level of success. As he guided his many companies through growth and expansion, he was simultaneously able to boost sales of products manufactured and distributed by both Fast Track and Duratech. Both company divisions continue to develop new products, helping them to increase market penetration on a global scale.

Recently, Michael Sherfick re-entered the real estate field. Wishing to capitalize on market corrections and a boom in property development, he established a company called 3% Holdings. The firm purchases and develops property for commercial retail spaces in and around Indianapolis. Michael will continue to enjoy success as he applies his range of talents to the projects and ventures he undertakes.